• Branch Name:Space Walk of Grand Island
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    Elizabeth & Brandon Colclasure
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    805 14th St
    Central City, NE 68826
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Looking for a fun, wholesome activity for your next kids'\r\nevent, adult function or party? There's nothing better than a professionally designed and\r\nmaintained inflatable bounce house. Rental inflatables are always affordable,\r\nsafe, and risk-free when you work with Space Walk of Grand Island. Founded by\r\nthe inventor of the original inflatable bounce house, Space Walk is dedicated\r\nto providing family fun while ensuring the utmost safety and reliability.

After years of providing fun to locals from all walks of\r\nlife, we know a thing or two about throwing a great party. Many people think\r\nthat only kids can enjoy bounce house rental entertainment; however, we\r\ndisagree. We cater to a wide range of customers who find our products exciting,\r\nunique, and highly enjoyable. Whether you are looking for a very specific\r\nthemed product or just want one that will fit in your space, we will listen to\r\nyour specifications and be very accommodating. On top of wholesome, joyful\r\nentertainment, we know that families want a safe environment for their kids to\r\nplay in. Our professional maintenance and repair staff makes the greatest\r\nefforts to ensure that your bounce house arrives on time, totally clean, and\r\nwith absolutely no leaks or safety hazards. We are licensed and insured, and we\r\nstand out from the competition by holding $2 million in liability coverage.\r\nWith us, you can be certain that your partygoers will have a great time and be\r\nabsolutely safe with our professional staff. Don’t miss out on making your\r\noccasion the best with a bounce house rental.\r\n\r\n